Use Cases

Physician teams dedicated to Medicare patients living in Assisted Living facilities, supported by a web-based secure communication application that connects them directly to the facility nursing staff and family members.   Physicians see patients monthly in their residence and proactively manage their care – Results, reduced hospitalization (70%), ED Visits (70%), profitable growth in Medicare patient panel, provider profit margin increase,  increased patient, family satisfaction – doubled Medicare patient panel in 3 years – higher margins

Web-based, on-demand Video/audio Crisis Assessments ncreased access to provider for low-volume clinics and EDs, improved utilization of BH resources, increases speed of access – Results – Hospital admissions reduced 50% for behavioral health patients

Pharmacists are able to conduct web-based MTM sessions remotely with patients from their home, assisted living kiosk or from their local clinic. 

Web-based video consults from home (Medication Therapy, Language Interpretation, Behavioral Health and PCP consults) increased utilization, patient access, lower delivery costs.

Over 50% reduction in Language Interpretation cost and drastically lowering patient wait time through virtual video over the web = reduction in interpreter usage time

Video consults, family conferences – reduced hospitalization, in-clinic cost reduction, physician increase in productivity, eliminates having to risk transport of patient

Increased patient knowledge through online education and proactive clinician intervention – Results – Improved A1c performance.

Mobile app for diet, exercise tracking, integrated to patient portal, online support group seminars, one-on-one virtual coaching, wireless device in-home monitoring and online education to increase effectiveness, compliance and grow the patient base

Reduction in clinic visits (Band adjustments, Sleeve, etc., move to virtual, video), virtual PCP scheduled consults, extends patient engagement to longer relationship period

Offers on-demand specialist consults to PCP clinics, improves care coordination for patient, in clinic visits, urgent care visits, better access for patients

Increase the accuracy of diagnosis through on-demand video consults with ED, Urgent Care, increases speed and accuracy of diagnosis

Bariatric, Thoracic, Stroke, Behavioral Health, MTM, Ortho, etc., both scheduled and on-demand, provides tighter care coordination for patient