About Us
NetClinic was founded in 2008 by Dr. David Moen in partnership with his brother, Peter Moen, based upon their frustration with the lack of tools available to physicians to efficiently communicate with their patients, the key to reducing health care costs. Patients trust their physicians, but find it very difficult to maintain an ongoing proactive relationship with their physician which is critical to improving outcomes. They decided to use their clinical, business and innovative experience to develop the tools and workflows that focus on enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of the provide-patient relationship through web-based communication and monitoring tools that integrate with care delivery workflows. New technology is only effective if it integrates with clinical workflows that improve productivity and are easy to use for patients and providers.

Our Methodology
Over the course of the last 3 years, we have collaborated closely with dozens of physicians from many different practices representing many different patient segments, primarily high-risk, high-cost populations where improved outcomes depend on behavior change and more efficient care delivery models. We developed and implemented many unique care model use cases that leverage technology, integrated with the care delivery workflows to help providers and patients collaborate more effectively and efficiently, without the patient having to come into the clinic for all interaction and information exchange. Each use case has its own business case to support the new care model that demonstrates financial return and patient benefits.

Our Learnings and Critical Success Factors
•   Working directly with physicians and/or clinical team members for each use case ensures proper integration
•   Focus on high-cost patient populations for use case development
•   Improved clinical outcomes result from more efficient physician-patient engagement
•   Use Case workflows vary and need to be customized to ensure high adoption and maximum efficiency